Trade Secrets are back with the second EP in their series, These Other Lives. Through radiant soundscapes and polished pop production, the 80s-esque offering shines with a rich brilliance. Band member Damien Polak reveals, “ the EP thematically is a bridge between the cold and the warmth, the joy and the melancholy of a person’s mind. It tells about life and everything we are.”

Beginning the EP with “Five Things”, this twinkling track sets the tone for the rest of the release’s daring dark pop sound. Showcasing lush, atmospheric arrangements and deep vocals, this elevated electro tune burns with intensity…

Possessing a rare retro analog air, MTRSS’ colorful, quirky sound hooks you instantaneously. Their wistful single “Cali High” carries you down a sweeping sonic journey with soaring synths and soothing, passionate vocals. The stunning lyric video displaying ocean desktop visuals is the ideal graphic for a song so calming. A tale of challenging waters, where things can vanish without a trace, they have crafted something truly magnificent that will be there forever. The band reveals, “Cali High’s journey started in the Sea of Japan, somewhere between Tokyo and Vladivostok. We came up with this beautiful melody and then felt like…

There are soulful songs that exude so much raw, blistering emotion you cannot help but be mesmerized. Etta James’ “At Last” and Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” are prime examples of that. Sophia Urista’s “Everything About You” possesses that same sultry passion. Her stunning vivacious vocals paired with classic instrumentation, make the song an offering of pure elegance. The track is an honest narration of her deep love for girlfriend Jess King. While on a trip with friends celebrating the New Year, she shot the exquisite, heartfelt visuals. Filmed on a beach in Nicaragua, it…

22-year-old electro-pop talent Hazel unleashes her banging cover of a 90s staple “Baby One More Time”. The radiant rendition glistens with sparkling synths and roaring bass, creating a fierce track queen Britney herself would be proud of. Her vibrant vocals are sung with so much playfulness and passion, bringing the track’s bubbly beauty to life. Collaborating on the intoxicating tune with prolific producer Dunisco during lockdown, the two have taken a song that’s ingrained in everyone’s minds and flipped it on its head.

The artist and songwriter from Oslo, Norway has possessed a deep passion for music from an early…

If you think about it, every failed experience is not a complete loss. From our past mistakes, we learn many valuable lessons and hope that we have gained enough knowledge to not make those errors again. Sam Ritchie’s new release “Here We Go Again” details a past lapse in judgment in a previous relationship. Highlighting sharp, shimmering synths and vibrant, vocoded vocals, this fun track is in contrast to its melancholy message. Ritchie reveals, “I had a past experience where my significant other would try to get my friends numbers when I wasn’t around. …

During these trying times the world is facing, now more than ever we need a support system to lean on. Even if it is only virtually, the time we spend with friends is so significant and meaningful. Yep releases their single “Prime Mates” and the song centers around the human connection and deep bonds we create. This carefree indie-pop offering tantalizes with tropical instrumentation and honeyed vocals. The smooth track provides the perfect laid-back listening experience. …

A unique indie artist with tons of soul, Leila is an enchanting artist drawing listeners in with her relaxed vibes and welcoming air. Her latest single “By You Now” showcases jazzy soundscapes and warm, passionate vocals. The soft track details that moment when a heartbreak finally sinks in and you are left to pick up the pieces.

The stunning talent takes her inspiration from Italian film scores and romantic classical composers. Leila’s style is refined and extremely intoxicating as her music washes over you. Her debut album Glass Highways is produced by Tim Carr (The Americans, Fell Runner) and examines how dark and light can live in harmony. Take a listen to the beautiful “By You Now”.

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Dark electro-pop phenomenon XHOANA X releases her moody and mysterious new single. Entitled “Crimson” the hypnotic track pulls listeners in with its melancholy arrangements, sensual vocals and fluttering basslines.

Albanian native XHOANA’s music stays true to her Eastern European roots. Inspired by her upbringing, she oozes with unique artistry and haunting heroism. Her songs take you on an intense journey releasing a feeling as if we are preparing eccentric rituals and beliefs. Take a listen to the haunting new single now and get lost in the ride.

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What do you get when you mix the soundscapes of Prince with the vocals of Lizzo mixed with Gwen Stefani? You get a unique new musical collective, Nada Robot! Their debut single “GOT IT GOOD” was just released and it is a slice of fresh pop with funk influences. The song details being confident in one’s own self and demanding what you deserve!

“GOT IT GOOD” is the first single off of their upcoming EP set for release later this Fall. Check out the new track and be prepared to dance!

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Indie pop/rock duo Loud Forest is composed of husband and wife Bernard and Rachel Chadwick. The band started while Bernard was earning his MFA at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena and that creative flair of art merged with rock can be felt all throughout their latest album 17. Shining with effervescent synths and daring instrumentation, the release touches on themes of young love, self-identity and loneliness.

The album commences with their standout hit “Miracle”. Narrating the uncertainty that comes with relationships and falling in love, the track’s minimal yet energetic soundscapes create the perfect dash of gleam. …

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