Deqn Sue finally sees him for the ‘troll’ he is in new vibrant single

Deqn Sue is an artist drenched in colorful charisma. Her soulful voice, upbeat humor and direct lyrics make her a unique offering to the music industry. Now she’s unveiled her animated single “Troll” and the infectious track bursts with bright soundscapes and sassy vocals. About a toxic ex, it’s her way of getting out all the things she wished she could say to him and in hindsight, seeing the red flags she ignored.

An alternative pop artist and Alabama native, Deqn Sue crafts a distinctive blend of music that fuses R&B, pop and funk. She’s seen much success in her career being featured on NPR Tiny Desk and the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Check out the spirited spunk of “Troll” now.



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Chloe Robinson

I'm a freelance writer for music blogs and love discovering new music