Mike Ruby emits a smooth sensuality in “Unapologetic”

Toronto native Mike Ruby is a seductive and playful pop artist whose charisma radiates throughout his music. Though his self-assured songs ooze with effortless confidence, his path to success was a bit of a bumpy ride. While in high school, Ruby’s dad became very ill and he was forced to face that devastating hardship. Using music as a powerful outlet to channel his pain, he remembers the wise words his father bestowed upon him. Ruby confides, “In my senior year before he passed away he gave me words of advice that I continue to live by. ‘Life is shorter than you think. Do what you love every day.’ I took it to heart, and that’s led me to where I am right now.” His latest single “Unapologetic” is a prime example of that profound message of living life to its fullest. With rich velvety vocals flowing atop animated, electro soundscapes, his irresistible energy makes this the perfect feel-good track.

Ruby’s career began playing sax in the synth-pop band St. Lucia. After opening up for prominent electro-pop artist Ellie Golding, he discovered his true voice and deep love for songwriting. His first release as a pop artist broke top 40 in Canada and also on the Billboard Charts. With soulful pop sounds reminiscent of Troy Sivan and Alec Benjamin, yet crafting is own sonically fresh style, Ruby connects with listeners through his emotional and candid releases. Check out the alluring vibes of “Unapologetic” now.

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