MTRSS’ new lyric video displays scenic tranquility

Possessing a rare retro analog air, MTRSS’ colorful, quirky sound hooks you instantaneously. Their wistful single “Cali High” carries you down a sweeping sonic journey with soaring synths and soothing, passionate vocals. The stunning lyric video displaying ocean desktop visuals is the ideal graphic for a song so calming. A tale of challenging waters, where things can vanish without a trace, they have crafted something truly magnificent that will be there forever. The band reveals, “Cali High’s journey started in the Sea of Japan, somewhere between Tokyo and Vladivostok. We came up with this beautiful melody and then felt like we were plotting a course. So then New Zealand where Graham Candy is from became our next destination for this track. But it still wasn’t quite there yet. We looked higher, headed high north and voilà reached California. That’s how our version of Pacific Devil’s triangle was born.”

The indie outfit is comprised of Graham Candy, Ilya Lagutenko, Jesse Siebenberg, Dave Palmer, Matt Chamberlain and Gus Seyfert. MTRSS was conceived when the musicians visited Japan and stumbled into a Tokyo vinyl bar. The bar owner was called Mr. Totori-san and creating a name inspired by him just felt right. The innovative multimedia project combines a variety of storytelling formats such as live ballet performed by the Bolshoi Theater in collaboration with European choreographers to an interactive series involving AR / MR / XR. Their unique style of music and lyrics draws from the human connection and our many forms of self-expression.

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I'm a freelance writer for music blogs and love discovering new music

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Chloe Robinson

Chloe Robinson

I'm a freelance writer for music blogs and love discovering new music

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