Sam Ritchie shines in new energetic electro banger “Here We Go Again”

If you think about it, every failed experience is not a complete loss. From our past mistakes, we learn many valuable lessons and hope that we have gained enough knowledge to not make those errors again. Sam Ritchie’s new release “Here We Go Again” details a past lapse in judgment in a previous relationship. Highlighting sharp, shimmering synths and vibrant, vocoded vocals, this fun track is in contrast to its melancholy message. Ritchie reveals, “I had a past experience where my significant other would try to get my friends numbers when I wasn’t around. My friends would tell me about it and it was awkward but I always gave them the benefit of the doubt.”

The Southern California artist’s mesmerizing music is quirky and outside the box. A unique style of boisterous, bedroom pop, his offerings instantly hook you in. Raised on 90s hip-hop and rap, Ritchie is inspired by greats like Notorious B.I.G. and Outcast. Watching numerous live shows from various talents sparked a deep yearning within him to get up and perform himself. With “Here We Go Again” he wants listeners to know they can move on from painful past experiences and grow from that.

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Chloe Robinson

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